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Heiz Marketing partners with the right social media influencers and organizations around the globe to bring the right delivery engines for your campaign. 

We’re an influencer marketing agency in Dubai, UAE, helping brands gain additional exposure through the use of social media influencers, high profile bloggers and media outlets. We find, manage and work with influencers to create marketing campaigns that share your brand’s story with their audience, which gives you exposure to thousands of new customers.

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How do we Work?

We identify vetted, qualified influencers for your unique business. Then, you hand-pick the candidates that match your criteria and brand values.

Our Process

It’s a tough decision and there are many options in the market. Here are some of the considerations:


During our identification stage, we dive deep into where your consumers perform their research. This may be a popular fashion blogger, well-read travel blogger, or a child who does toy reviews on YouTube. From there we build an initial list of potential influencers.


Once our initial list is built, we then begin to vet these influencers to ensure they match the profile of our marketing strategy. It is here we review their number of followers, frequency of posts, comments and overall engagement they receive on each post. We also identify if your product will best be promoted by a micro influencer or a celebrity influencer.


During this stage we work with the influencer to build a concrete agreement about what product will be supplied, at what rate of pay and it also establishes how many posts the client can expect in return.

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